Imagine that someone is outside your property and wishes to gain access. If they know the security code, they can type it in and you will be alerted that somebody has entered your property. If they do not know the code, they can press the door bell button. You will be alerted and shown a video image of their face. You can talk to them and allow them access remotely if you choose to. You can even do all this over your smart device, while away from the property, or anywhere in the world!

This is the type of system you may decide is right for you, or you may simply require a remote control to open your garage door to avoid getting wet when returning home.

We at Aura install remote locks, automatic opening gates and doors with video and audio links. Again, we can connect the systems to your home network and the Internet.

As we are a registered CAME Safe Company, you have peace of mind that your powered access equipment is CE Certified and has been properly risk assessed, to ensure all necessary safety measures are in place.

We can service and maintain your existing gate or access system and upgrade it with the latest technology and functionality.

Access Control